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Hotel Agent is an independent hotel search engine. This means we search over 30 of the hotel and travel sites that exist around the world and collect the information for you. Then we display it in a simple way with the cheapest hotel rates we can find. This helps you find the perfect accommodation at the best price without having to do all the hard work yourself.

Think about it, what is the use of hundreds of good travel websites if you have to spend hours looking and comparing them yourself. Hotel Agent provides a tool whereby you can get all hotels and accommodation options in one simple search, and then book directly from the site of your choice. We search all the major booking systems, such as Orbitz, Asiarooms, bookings.com, hotels.com and more.

To summarize: we do all the searching for you. Rather than checking each site separately, you now have it all under one search: Hotel Agent

We are not a travel agency. We are not an online store. They provide you with the products and services that they have in stock. Their displays and their prices only reflect what they can sell, and what makes them the most money.

Hotel Agent is not limited to those restrictions. To briefly summarize what we do – we independently search all those hotel booking sites and direct you to the one which provides you with the lowest price.

Best of all, this service is 100% free!

Well, you say, if its free, then how do you make money?? The answer is as simple as this: advertising. You’ll see some Google ads on the page when you search, and if you click on it, we get a little bit of it. And also, if you happen to click on one of the vendors that offer up the best hotel, we get a pay-per-click for that too. So in short, we perform a “google type” or “yahoo type” search engine and are paid in the same way.

Thanks for visiting us! Get a room! And tell your friends!

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Hotel Agent searches travel sites and online agencies for cheap hotels on over 30 different travel sites. We help you compare prices worldwide. Then you buy where you find your best option.